The New Product Innovation Paradigm

Evolving Products to Platforms in a Changing World

Product Innovation Wave

What proven best practices enable product leaders to master complexity and navigate unprecedented change?

How do they transform their products in the face of rapidly evolving customer needs?

How do innovators develop new models to withstand supply chain shocks?

What we did

Given the urgent need for an innovation mindset, both in times of severe crisis and in times of uninterrupted growth, Arena Solutions partnered with innovation expert Robert Tucker to interview leaders from a diverse range of cutting-edge companies. The expertise and best practices they shared culminated in a report aimed at helping high-tech and med-tech organizations navigate a changing world and define the next wave of groundbreaking solutions.

Contributing Companies

What we’re doing is making a platform for artisanal coffee roasters to sell their products and market their products in a way that hasn’t been done before. Essentially, we’ve created a marketplace for independent coffee roasters. And the machine is a carrier to the kitchen of our consumers that makes them a better cup of coffee. What we’ve done is created an end-to-end coffee experience.

Roderick de Rode

Founder and CEO, Spinn

We wanted a very easy way for buyers to consume the service, so we developed an end-to-end service, which allows customers who aren’t familiar with satellite to get connectivity. We’re actually allowing our customers to purchase our product and, out of the gate, get a solution that they can then offer their customer base with always-on connectivity. This means they don’t have to worry about going and sourcing satellite capacity, figuring out how they’re going to build a backend to manage that capacity, and so on.

Neville Meijers

Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Kymeta

The drive-by-wire kit was the start of our work, but that’s not all we provide because we’ve moved up the food chain. We integrate sensors and do actual autonomous development ourselves, converting vehicles, not to full-blown autonomy, it’s not there yet, but to limited autonomy. In other words, we’re developing the software stack and using our own drive-by-wire kit to build autonomous vehicles.

Greg Fleck

COO, Dataspeed

When Luis Dussan started our company, many of us were optimistic about focusing on full autonomy right off the bat. But he looked at it differently. ‘This is going to come in stages,’ he told us. So our architecture needs to support that.

Nate Ramanathan

VP of Operations, AEye

When our guys are in the field installing a system, they’re scanning QR codes to be able to say, ‘The power electronics on this tracker is located at this geospatial coordinate, etc.’ It’s getting mapped out into our database that also tags it back to the manufacturer. We can identify which manufacturer the unit came from, what country it came from, what production lot, what production week.

Alex Au

Co-founder and CTO, NEXTracker

In many ways, we are a virtual company since we do some assembly onsite and lots of testing, but we don’t manufacture our devices or drug products (e.g., the contrast dye). We rely on suppliers for fabrication of the device and for the starting materials to use in the drug product. And so it becomes incumbent upon us to stringently monitor our supply chain.

Ben Locwin

SVP of Quality, Lumicell

Time-Tested Insights from Innovation Leaders

Don’t think product, think platform

Leading-edge companies may start with a core product – a stationary bike, a medical device, a satellite terminal – but they quickly build out an entire set of complementary products, services and even communities that create, not a standalone product, but an entire platform.

Make the complex simple

To be adopted, an innovative product must solve real problems. That’s a given. But what drives that adoption is a simple and reliable user experience. Creating such an experience is a complex task, but also reveals that reduction of complexity is often the heart of true innovation.

Align stakeholders around a single source of truth

Consistent innovation requires that all stakeholders, including supply partners, be on the same page. Communication and visibility must be maintained across the entire process, both to foster collaboration and foresee emerging complications. For this reason, investing in systems that maintain a single source of truth is critical.


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Craig Livingston

“In these uncertain times, the need for innovation has only become more pressing. I’m grateful to all the leaders who took the time to share their insights and hard-won lessons with us. Their generosity will enable many other product innovators to persevere and continue to change our world for the better. In highlighting these new operating principles of product innovation, we aim to help companies overcome the challenges ahead and not just survive, but thrive by bringing new innovations to life.”

Craig Livingston

President and Chief Executive Officer

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