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Two Good PLM Webinars in the Theater Right Now

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Don’t you hate feeling out of control? It’s like being trapped in the passenger seat of a car with SNL’s Toonces the Driving Cat. Look, when it comes to building products, you want to take control of processes, especially if it’s your reputation that’s on the line. 

Here are two on-demand webinar recordings that could dramatically impact your product development processes.

I think of webinars as the “theater of possibilities”™— actually “trademark pending.” Who needs Phantom of the Opera? Who needs Oklahoma? And who needs those darn cats from Cats crawling around the stage? Give me webinars!

Discover How Companies Take Control of Design Processes

Change is all around us. But many product development companies struggle to manage change because of outdated product lifecycle management processes — even when it’s evident those archaic methods increase errors and risk. The fear of the unknown paralyzes some companies with the idea that while their current design system is challenging…change can be worse. 

Join PRG’s CEO Mike Keer, Clearpath Robotics’ Director of Hardware Engineering Robert Shaw and Arena’s Senior Solutions Architect Alan Goodrich for a webinar that examines how innovative companies leverage best practices to manage change and to reduce risk, lower cost and maximize product development success.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

• The most common barriers that prohibit companies from changing, adapting and evolving their processes

• Why hundreds of innovative companies choose Arena PLM for a competitive advantage

• How Clearpath Robotics utilizes a modern PLM solution to streamline their processes, accelerate their development process and increase control of their supply chain

Watch this webinar to discover how more companies are taking control of their design processes.

Another great webinar available on-demand gives guidance for improving quality.

8 Tips for Cross-Functional Quality Success

In today’s social media world, news of a negative product review, especially in the realm of medical devices, spreads fast. The importance of a successful product launch and post-launch product quality has never been more important. 

Siloed Quality Management has long been a top challenge, preventing Life Sciences from achieving its most important financial and strategic objectives. Lack of a cross functional review on quality negatively impacts all functions and is injurious to the lifecycle of the product. For instance, it reduces quality and compliance thereby impacting the overall New Product Introduction (NPI).

Technology can be instrumental in breaking down cross-departmental silos by promoting visibility and communication across the functions. And traceability. It follows the tighter the cross functional communication the better. Leveraging technology to connect quality, supplier management and engineering ties together several functions, and thereby can improve top quality management challenges as well as reducing time to market.

Join Dan Jacob, Research Analyst at LNS Research, and Sherry Dickson, Solution Consultant at Arena Solutions as they highlight the best practices for managing quality as an integrated part of your medical device product development business.

You’ll learn:

• What are the top quality management challenges in Life Sciences

• How quality issues and supply chain optimization impact time to market

• How to improve your products in compliance

• How to reduce your supplier defect rate by 25%

• Why there is a 360 degree view of EQMS

• Understanding operational excellence in context of the supply chain

• Benefits of cross functional quality

• The impact of a common platform for EQMS, SQM and PLM

Listen to Dan and Sherry today. By taking a few minutes out of your day to watch these webinars you could end up making your company millions by leveraging the tips and actionable best practices that ensure operational excellence. 

You’ve asked for more webinars and dog-gone it, we’ve delivered.