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Three Medical Device Industry Cloud Myths Debunked

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cloud-wandererCloud computing, despite its broad adoption and maturity, is vulnerable to myth and misunderstanding. Maybe that’s because a cloud solution — unlike an on-premise server that you can see and lovingly wrap your arms around — is often hosted elsewhere. And although it shouldn’t, what you can’t hear, see and feel might make some companies nervous. Many companies that could benefit from cloud solutions fail to do so because of misinformed horror stories that the cloud is less secure than on-premise solutions.

“Cloud computing, by its very nature, is uniquely vulnerable to the risks of myths. It is all about capabilities delivered as a service, with a clear boundary between the provider of the service and the consumer,” said Gartner’s David Mitchell Smith. “From a consumer perspective, ‘in the cloud’ means where the magic happens, where the implementation details are supposed to be hidden. So it should be no surprise that such an environment is rife with myths and misunderstandings.”

For medical device companies subject to stringent FDA and other regulations, where patients’ lives are at risk, their concerns about the cloud can be particularly scary.

To debunk these myths surrounding cloud computing, Arena launched a whitepaper “Don’t Fear the Cloud”. Magic wand not included.

Arena Solutions, creator and provider of cloud-based PLM enterprise software and its associated Validation Maintenance Service (VMS), has found during its years of working with medical device manufacturers that the top three misconceptions held by these companies about cloud-based infrastructure are:

1. The cloud is not safe. A medical device company’s internal IT department can do a better job ensuring the safety of company data.

2. Cloud-based enterprise software is constantly changing, so keeping required PLM validations up to date is impossible. Regulatory compliance is therefore threatened.

3. Cloud-based PLM architecture may be helpful and the advantages are apparent, but it will still be necessary to buy and integrate a separate quality management solution for maintaining and archiving all compliance-related documents.

The paper deftly debunks each of these three myths based on fear and misinformation so medical device manufacturers can move forward and make intelligent, informed PLM solution decisions. Curious to know the truth? Then download this whitepaper today.

Once you’ve had your anxieties assuaged about the cloud, you can be empowered to make sure you’re never swindled by a fake cloud vendor. Learn this and more if you dare when you read this whitepaper “Three Signs You’re Being Catfished by a Fake Cloud Vendor”. In addition, you’ll be given one easy trick to expose a fake cloud provider — right on the spot.

After over a decade of highly regulated businesses adopting holistic and integrated cloud-based enterprise-software systems with great success, it is time to acknowledge that track record and have the skeptics put to rest their remaining fears. Medical device manufacturers who choose to embrace cloud technology for the betterment of their businesses find that validation becomes much less burdensome, audits are eased, and regulatory compliance is facilitated via built-in quality management as well as the potential to integrate with front end supplier item lookup applications. Furthermore, data security is maintained at an ultra-high level (which a normal company could not afford unless it was spread across tens of thousands of users) so they have fewer distractions and more energy to focus on their core business.

Simply put: medical device firms need not fear the cloud. It is perhaps their most valuable tool for reducing risk, increasing quality, staying compliant, and speeding time to market.

Be sure to download your copy of “Don’t Fear the Cloud” and “Three Signs You’re Being Catfished By a Fake Cloud Vendor”. If these titles aren’t provocative enough for you…you can wait for my upcoming whitepaper titled, “Arena PLM: The Wild Years”.