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Quality Webinar: Arena’s New Quality Solution

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Quality_WebinarIn product development work here at Arena Solutions, we’ve engaged in deep conversations with companies as they built their successful quality cultures for over a decade. Companies tackling CAPA, CAR and SCAR or other remediation requirements have been quoted as saying:

“We need everyone in our product team to know about quality issues so we don’t repeat mistakes.”

“If we can just get engineers, quality teams and suppliers to all record the issues and solutions in the same place, then we could find them by topic, see trends and know where to focus our efforts to have the largest impact.”

“We need to report on quality efforts across the board, so everyone can see why these initiatives matter and can understand how we are doing against our company-wide goals!”

The ability to proactively monitor errors and product failures with enterprise-wide visibility is only possible with a holistic approach to quality. When a Quality Management System (QMS) is one with design and development systems, supply chain oversights, employee missteps and product design errors can be dramatically reduced.

Unfortunately, precious few companies have aligned supply chain stakeholders, manufacturing processes and solution capabilities to achieve this deeply embedded ‘best practices’ level of standards.

Summer Blockbuster Quality Webinar Opens Soon

On Wednesday July 16 at 11 AM PDT, join leading man George Lewis, Director of Solutions Consulting, and dashing Alan Goodrich, Solution Consultant, for a Quality Webinar starring Arena’s newest module. Attendees can expect nonstop action as they discover how integrating newly released Arena Quality with Arena PLM delivers companies of all sizes continual process improvements for high quality products and cost reduction across the value chain.

Arena Quality brings visibility, team collaboration and long-term tracking of quality resolutions to the core of an enterprise.  The intimate integration shared between star-crossed lovers Arena Quality and Arena PLM will light up the screen. Together the sparks will fly as the linked solutions deliver enterprise visibility and reduce quality failure.

Reserve your spot for the Quality Webinar to learn how a holistic quality management solution offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Higher product quality
  • Reduced costs and higher margins
  • Enhanced process efficiencies
  • Increased ability to meet FDA & ISO regulations
  • Increased ability to create and manage customized quality process flows for processes like NCMR, CAPA, 8D, and audit tracking, with custom phases and configurable attributes
  • Attendees will also discover how Quality processes are fully integrated with the product record (including DMR, DHF, quality documents and Quality SOPs) so users have in context visibility from affected items, changes, requests, files and projects. These processes can be associated to enterprise business systems (CRM, ERP, MES) and other external data sources (e.g. legal claims, warranty claims, external audits, field service reports) through in context links.

    In addition to the business benefits of linking QMS with PLM, companies using Arena Quality will discover that centralized quality data resolves other quality challenges difficult to button-down with jury-rigged email and spreadsheet combos alone.

    Arena Quality Saves the Day

    When quality, product and project data are all visible in a single globally-accessible centralized system, collaboration, management and documentation processes are all facilitated. By ensuring teams are working from the latest document versions, employee errors, scrap and rework costs are reduced.

    In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, more companies, ranging from medical device to electronics, understand the painful costs of quality failures and the brand-damaging hangover that persists long after the issue has been remediated.

    Embedding the quality module in your PLM-based solution more solidly connects it with the product record.  This will in turn deliver higher-quality products.

    Get your popcorn, grab a seat and learn how Arena Quality is helping companies deliver better products more efficiently, while maintaining their competitive edge.