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A taste of summer with a side of product development: PRG Symposium and BBQ 2012

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If you’re curious about how good products are developed and brought to market (or if you enjoy BBQ!), be sure to mark your calendar for the Product Realization Group (PRG) summer symposium and BBQ!   

The event, which takes place on Friday, September 14th, features experts in the high tech industry who will share product development best practices and the latest product lifecycle trends. The symposium will take place at the Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel in Sunnyvale, California (more details below).

What to expect at the PRG Summer Symposium and BBQ 2012

There’s a lot in store for attendees of this year’s symposium—from a seasoned product development keynote speaker to a diverse panel of industry veterans.

The keynote speaker is Micah Bongberg, President and CEO of Annuvia—a leading provider of enterprise-wide health and safety solutions. An expert in small business product development, Bongberg will share his tips for applying agile software concepts to new hardware products, lowering development costs through “pivoted” optics and regulatory strategies and using outsourced services and local manufacturing to enable more flexibility in the development process.

For the panel discussion, topics on the menu include Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Design for Excellence (DFX), concurrent engineering, phase-gate processes, the value of NPI project managers and more. The panel will answer audience questions and share first-hand experiences in the field.  

No matter what, you’re guaranteed to walk away from the event with a better understanding of effective product development and a belly full of delicious BBQ. 

Register here for PRG’s summer Product Realization Symposium.

Event details

Ticket price:

The early-bird price is $35—so register before August 31th, 2012.


Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel

1100 North Mathilda Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA  94089

Date and time:

September 14th 2012 from 8:15 am – 1:30 pm (PDT)

Sign up to reserve your spot today!