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How to simplify requesting internal part numbers from doc control with Arena PartsList

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This week, we are reviewing Arena PartsList and sharing a variety of ways it makes circuit design, prototyping and BOM building easy. Today, we are discussing how PartsList can be used to quickly build out your EDA or ECAD library with interesting parts that you can use for a future design.

If you work in a company where document control is responsible for generating and managing internal part numbers, you know it can be a hassle to track down and send over the relevant part documentation each time you incorporate new parts into your design.

Earlier this week, we talked about how easy it is to gather data directly from distributor sites using PartSaver. We also mentioned that you can import an existing list of parts to PartsList and use Autofill to close any documentation gaps.  When you combine the PartSaver and Autofill functionality, PartsList becomes the perfect vehicle for new part number requests.

Typically, requesting a new part number requires gathering a variety of supplier item details together for each part, organizing the information into a list and then emailing it over to document control.

However, you can simplify this process (and minimize oversights and typos along the way) by using Arena PartsList to request new internal part numbers.

Using PartSaver and the Autofill feature, PartsList automatically pulls and organizes the critical part data that document control needs in order to generate new internal part numbers. When it comes time to request internal part numbers, you can export your list of parts to CSV and send it to document control. You’ll know you have your documentation bases covered and document control won’t ever bug you for another datasheet.

Document control can even insert new part numbers straight into the same CSV file you sent over—so you get the information you need to continue designing, faster.

You’ll look like a documentation hero and can spend more time doing what you love—designing.

Cover all your part documentation bases with Arena PartsList.

Arena Partslist Export to Doc Control

Use PartsList to quickly export to CSV your list of fully documented parts. Document control can easily reference part documentation
and generate new internal item numbers.

Arena PartsList import part numbers

Once document control has created internal part numbers for your design, you can import the numbers back into PartsList and
continue working.

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