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Launching success with a solid new product introduction (NPI) process

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New product launches are exciting but stressful!

Launch haphazardly and you will find yourself on board a sinking ship. Launch strategically and you can accelerate your time to market, minimize your overall investment and maximize your profits—and with lower risk!

Because a new product introduction can make or break a company, our partner Product Realization Group, a group that offers a “one-stop-shop” of outsourced product development services, is hosting a seminar on new product introduction—Launching Success!

Learn from three industry experts, including: Kevin Rowett, the VP of Engineering at Violin Memory; Tim Miller, the VP of Operations at Trilliant Networks; and Murad Kurwa, a VP of Engineering at Flextronics International.

During Launching Success, you will gain:

  • Real world perspectives from successful high-technology executives

  • Insights about current NPI best practices

  • Key success factors for launching new products

  • Tips for scaling into volume production with efficiency

And more.

The seminar will be offered as a Lunch and Learn in San Jose (get early bird pricing now) or as a free webinar for those who can’t make it to the meeting in person.

Sign up for the webinar

Attend the lunch and learn at National University, San Jose CA

Even with the best plan, launching a new product is tough. But with a solid process in place, you are more likely to get your new product to market on time, and at cost.

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