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Welcome to the official blog of Arena Solutions. If you haven’t heard of Arena, the quick version is this: Arena serves small and mid-size manufacturers by providing on-demand software (also known as software-as-a-service or a SaaS solution) for managing bills of materials (BOMs), the engineering change process and supplier communication.

In other words, we help companies get their products to market.

To make sure we give them help that’s actually, well, helpful, we’re constantly trying to understand everything we can about what it takes to design, develop, manufacture and ship great products.

That’s how we’ve ended up here—with a blog about all things product. We all know there’s no magic formula for building a winning product, so we won’t pretend we can offer one. But what we can offer are observations, opinions, research, learnings, experience and maybe even some wild imaginings from time to time.

We’ll talk about strategies, processes & tactics, particularly the ones that help successful companies do their thing. We’ll share our observations on global trends, market demographics and industry news, and we hope you’ll share yours too. We’ll point out problems when we see them, propose solutions when we have them and ask for your opinions on it all. We’ll highlight successes AND snafus, as there’s a lot to be learned from both.

Innovation? If you’re a small or mid-size manufacturer, innovation is most likely at the heart of your products and the core of your strategy, so we’ll be talking a lot about that too. The discussion may sometimes veer toward the academic (it is a meaty topic, after all), but real-world examples will abound. We love cool products, and we’ll share them when we find them. We may even throw in the occasional what-were-they-thinking examples of innovation gone wrong…just for good measure.

Let us know what you think.

Please join the conversation and help us make the blog a valuable source of information and a lively forum for discussion.

Now let’s talk product.

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