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Small contract manufacturers in less industrialized regions of the country may feel that business opportunities are not only scarcer, but also more challenging due to the restrictions of their geographic location. If this sounds like you, wants you to take heart. A recent Mojo blog post offers small contract manufacturers in “non-manufacturing” states these tips for how to be just as successful as their counterparts in more industrialized regions:

  1. Get your website in order: You know the saying, “Your eyes are the window to your soul”? In 2010, it’s your website that should say it all. Prospective buyers are doing their research online—make sure you’re putting your best face forward.

  2. Seek out MRO work for local manufacturers: suggests looking for buyers in less traditional markets, for instance food processing and agriculture, where companies have large equipment that may need maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) work.

  3. Go green: Clean energy manufacturers are likely to think about their carbon footprint and thus to prefer local contract manufacturers. Seek out your local clean energy players now.

  4. Expand your geographic focus: Take advantage of technologies that make it easy for you to find and service customers outside your immediate area.

The bottom line, according to, is to "be creative, step out of your comfort zone and build on your strengths."

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