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Topic: Innovation

How are you using Arena PartsList?

We talked last week about how manufacturers use the new Distributor Selection feature of Arena PartsList to ballpark costs with a single click, saving time and effort in the design process. That’s just one of the many ways people use PartsList—one of the interesting things about a...

Sept. 27, 2012

What makes a great workplace?

We all have our own ideas about what makes a great workplace. Some believe it’s about access to a smart and collaborative team with motivational leadership, and others will say it's about ample opportunity for personal and professional growth...

June 19, 2012

Is there a right time to buy ERP?

We’ve all heard the saying before—timing is everything. But what about when buying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution? Is there a right time to buy, and how much is at stake if you wait too long? ERP is a powerful tool for two key business objectives—syncing up the...

May 31, 2012