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Two Rice University students have created a low-cost product that could allow doctors to save lives in developing countries. Sophomore Lila Kerr and freshman Lauren Theis assembled a working centrifuge out of a salad spinner, some plastic lids, combs, and yogurt containers.  The “Sally Centrifuge”...

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As a business headquartered in California, disaster preparedness has been a must since our earliest days in operation. Yesterday’s tragic earthquake in China and the spate of recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, Taiwan, Turkey, Indonesia and Mexico—not to mention the blizzards, extreme weather and power outages that affected nearly...

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Here comes the Blob 'Bot

Jan. 12, 2010

iRobot, makers of robots with such varied talents as vacuuming floors and defusing roadside bombs, has released a video of its latest R&D effort: the Blob ’Bot. The Blob ’Bot is a soft shape-shifting...

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