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Smart Phone

Did you know? You can use Arena BOMControl on your phone or tablet!

In today’s busy world, engineers and designers are not tied to a desk in an office. Your product development processes shouldn’t be either.

While the complexities of BOM management are best suited to a full screen view and your careful attention, being able to access the major functions of releasing items, change control, or uploading and downloading files can help critical in-the-moment business processes move forward without delay.

Because of Arena’s commitment to access, support, and validation best practices, we have been careful to distinguish between available web browsers as “supported”, “validated” and “unsupported”. This allows users to feel confident that the software works as expected at every stage in the process.  

Until now, we have reinforced these principles by requiring users to click through an “unsupported browser warning” when using Arena BOMControl on a mobile device or on any other unsupported browser. We’ve now revised this slightly: when you go to now on Mobile Safari or another unsupported browser, you’ll see a little orange message above the login fields, but be able to continue without dismissing a warning.

And if you’re using an iOS device, you’ll notice that preview panels are now supported in BOMControl. These are the pop-ups activated by magnifying glass icons in search results and other places where you can get more information.

Do you use Arena BOMControl on the go? We’re curious to learn more about how that works for you. Let us know in the comments.

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