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Best & worst gadgets of the decade (or, when a good idea just isn't enough)

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As we start the Arena blog, something else is ending—the decade. And that means best of (and worst of) lists are popping up everywhere. One of the lists that caught my eye is Laptop Magazine’s Best & Worst Gadgets of the Decade.

I’m sure most of you can name the big winners—like the iPod or the USB drive— but there are lessons to be learned from the losers. While 2002’s “wearable PC” was probably destined for failure from the outset, gadgets like the Garmin GPS phone sounded like a great idea, but were hurt by slow development. Announced in January 2008 and not released until late 2009, by the time the device was ready, it was already obsolete. “Garmin’s competitors in the GPS space, such as Navigon and TomTom, released apps that nimbly worked with the iPhone.” And the Garmin GPS phone was doomed.

The lesson? In the high-tech industry, change occurs rapidly, so product development has to be as streamlined as possible.

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