Kathy Davies

Kathy teaches at Stanford University, where her students use Design Thinking to design cutting edge products and to reshape their lives, at Stanford and beyond. Kathy has worked with Arena since 2007, as both Validation Manager and Product Manager, and now as a contractor. She has a background in mechanical engineering, product design and medical device manufacturing, so she likes variety. When not coaching Stanford students on how to ideate, prototype and iterate, Kathy likes to come up with her own product ideas and craft innovative software solutions. Her not-so-secret agenda? To empower people to be their best creative selves by spreading the Design Thinking tools and to use those same tools herself to make stellar products. Kathy’s other big dreams: To convince everyone to drive less and walk and bike more…to teach her daughters science and fractions through baking…and to help Arena take over the world of PLM.

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Most umbrellas today are cheap – literally and figuratively. They turn inside out at the slightest of winds. They are given away to advertise everything from tequila to the World Wildlife Fund. The handles are molded plastic, the spokes are pliable pot metal and the mechanisms seem to stick...

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A friend recently posted the following Facebook status: “Krysten has just achieved her first Sock Wars kill by delivering a pair of hand knit socks to a stranger in Sacramento—on to victim #2…” Sock Wars is like the game of Assassin, where players knock each other off using suction...

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In the fall of 2009, my good friend Tim Taylor and a squad of like-minded insane people decided to build a race car. This race car, to be precise: The car was built to compete in the 24 hours...

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