Alyssa Sittig

Alyssa played an instrumental role in the development of the Arena Blog and social media channels from 2011 to 2012. Joining the team with a background in public policy, Alyssa was particularly interested in the challenges that manufacturers face both domestically and overseas when taking products to market.

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What if you could download and print a physical component directly to your printer? The Pirate Bay (TPB) is confident that this will soon be a reality. The website just announced it is supporting a new type of file...

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When IndustryWeek released its annual ranking of revenue growth for the 500 largest publicly held U.S. manufacturing companies, it was exciting to see the progress made in 2011. Rather than another year of decline, these U.S. manufacturers saw 12.75% growth. That’s almost high enough...

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Inside Foxconn City

Jan. 23, 2012

A proud new iPhone owner in 2008 was surprised to find this photo on his brand new device. This young girl, who looks around 13 years old, works in the Foxconn plant that assembled the phone. Editor's Note (3/16/2012): This American Life...

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2011 was a year full of smart technologies. We met Siri, snuggled up with the Kindle Fire, worked up a sweat with the Fitbit Ultra and even discussed the possibility of a robotic takeover in manufacturing. It was a busy year, yet there’s one trend in particular that...

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