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Amanda Menking

Amanda Menking is a PhD student at the University of Washington's Information School. She's currently exploring gender dynamics and gender-based hostility in online communities. Amanda is a collaborator with the Social Media Lab at UW, and she's also a Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement Grant recipient. Prior to starting her PhD, she taught high school and community college and worked in software for almost five years. Amanda is interested in...everything.

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Topic: 3D Printing and Product InnovationWelcome to the weekend (almost)! We’ve curated a list of links we think you’ll find interesting. Start reading now, or savor through Sunday.Have you seen this amazing new beehive? An Australian father-son team, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, invented

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Delicious: Industrial Design & StrategyTell me a bit about yourself beyond what’s available on your site.I’ve worked in the outdoor industry for a decade, designing camping products of all kinds, and most...

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I recently flew from Seattle to London to attend Wikimania 2014. As we were taxiing for takeoff, I pulled out a book I had wanted to read for months: Haruki Murakami’s tome 1Q84. But then I put it down as soon as...

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