Alex Gammelgard

Alex managed social media marketing and communications at Arena from 2011 to 2012. Although coming in fresh to the manufacturing industry, Alex is married to an engineer and is well aware of the frustrations that come with product revision and bill of materials management! Through social media, Alex was very involved with helping engineers and manufacturers solve their problems and discover new ways to move their products and business forward.

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Using an ERP system to manage constantly changing BOMs during product design is a common trap that many organizations fall into. Although ERP systems shine as transactional tools that manage inventory and provide control throughout production, they’re not built to manage the engineering change process or keep everyone on...

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Do you ever feel like “innovation” is the perpetual buzzword of the week? For many, innovation has become synonymous with progress, and in all job roles employees are increasingly focused on the next big thing. Because of the growing importance of “new and improved,” many leaders are going to great...

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