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Daisy Miclat

Daisy Miclat

Daisy is currently working at Arena in the Sales department, where she loves her daily interaction with potential future Arena customers. Prior to working at Arena, she worked in marketing at a finance software company and has been freelance writing for lifestyle magazine publications for the past 4 years. On her free time, she loves running around her neighborhood lake, eating at new restaurants and attending concerts.

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IoT & Medical Device—How IoT Healthcare Companies Will Lead the Pack in the “Hottest Industry of 2016”

When I hear the term “Internet of Things” aka IoT, I immediately imagine a futuristic, Jetson-esque connected world. Whether it’s a robot in a ruffled dress, flying your cars to work or the son’s omnipresent antennae/propeller/beanie they have it all going on. Everything digitized and embedded with a software chip — from the clothes we wear on our back, all the way down to a water thermos ...

Sept. 21, 2016