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Alaine Portnoy

Alaine Portnoy

Alaine Portnoy is the Marketing Manager for Arena Solutions. Prior to joining Arena, Alaine held a senior marketing position at product lifecycle management solutions provider, Omnify Software. With over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and product lifecycle management markets, she has a keen understanding of product design and development process requirements.

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How H2 PowerTech Accelerates Product Development Across the Globe

Today’s high tech electronics products are increasingly complex as they leverage hardware, electronics, and software. To create a single product might involve sourcing hundreds or thousands of components from multiple suppliers. Keeping a grasp on component information, continual product changes, and quality issues is difficult—especially with dispersed teams and silos of information. So, how can companies avoid production mistakes and ensure successful new product development in this chaotic ...

July 9, 2019