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Arena PartsList named Desktop Engineering’s Editor Pick of the Week

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DE - Pick of the Week

Desktop Engineering’s editor-at-large Anthony Lockwood combs through dozens of new product releases each week to find the latest tool helping engineers innovate and create better designs.

Starting with the very first Pick of the Week in 2007 (the COMSOL Multiphysics 3.4), Lockwood’s “picks” have always represented the best of new innovation—from an all-in-one CAD workstation to the extension toolset that predicts and manages the fatigue life of structures and the system that supports mobile printing via wifi.

We’re excited to announce that last week Arena PartsList became the latest addition to the Desktop Engineering Pick of the Week family! We’re honored that Desktop Engineering appreciates our new application, and are happy that other industry leaders see value in our products.

Why Desktop Engineering is a fan of PartsList

PartsList Screenshot

PartsList is Desktop Engineering’s latest Pick of the Week.

With PartsList, Lockwood believes the days of “columnar piles of parts, sketchy vendor details, and links to data sheets, component information, and pricing” may finally be over. Here’s how he figures:

“It seems to me that both small and mid-size manufacturers should be able to benefit from PartsList. OEMs can use it to document and share designs with contract manufacturers earlier in the process. And small outfits can afford to use it to tame data since there are no installation charges.”

Lockwood also points out that PartsList works to simplify the BOM building and sharing process. “PartsList [turns] messy lists of parts into a clean, fully documented actionable BOM that you can share,” says Lockwood. “[It] stores your collection of data sheets, sourcing info, and part information together in context. You can map columns from your BOM to its complementary PartsList columns then import your BOM into PartsList directly.”

And when PartsList and PDXViewer (our cloud app for viewing, sharing and filtering PDX build packages) are used in tandem, Lockwood believes that “startups and small tech companies have some pretty good tools to get up and running quickly.”

How engineers benefit from PartsList and PDXViewer

After playing around with PartsList, Lockwood recommends two main ways engineers can use PartsList and PDXViewer to increase productivity and make their jobs easier.

With PartsList, engineers can map columns from their BOM to complementary PartsList columns in order to import the BOM directly into PartsList. Next, engineers can use the Autofill feature of PartsList to automatically capture critical component data like descriptions, data sheets and cost information for each part in the BOM—saving both time and sanity.

And because PDXViewer is a free, cloud-based application that lets engineers view and share detailed BOMs and PDX packages as well as filter build packages into supplier-specific part bundles and remove unwanted or private data, it’s ideal for engineers who want to simplify communications with suppliers and colleagues.

Don’t just take our word for it—check out Desktop Engineering’s full review of PartsList!

Additional information on Desktop Engineering

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