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The Spring ‘13 release of Arena BOMControl is just around the corner, and we’ve got another exciting new feature preview today: the Integrated PDXViewer. As a core part of the Arena Cloud, the Integrated PDXViewer offers a seamless process for transmitting manufacturing and quote build packages to your suppliers that are not yet using Arena BOMControl.

When we launched PDXViewer in 2011, it instantly became one of our most beloved products. OEMs and contract manufacturers both use PDX files to share complex product data throughout the manufacturing process, and our standalone cloud-based build package viewer made it possible for stakeholders throughout the supply chain to communicate accurately and efficiently.

Our BOMControl customers already use PDXViewer to collaborate with ad-hoc suppliers and with trusted partners. By integrating this functionality directly into BOMControl, users can now share build packages to gather quotes, send complete build packages and communicate Change Order information, all straight from BOMControl.

Integrated PDXViewer


•    Easily generate a PDX from BOMControl – a single click of Export gathers all the items, assemblies, files, and sourcing data you need to create a complete build package and creates a PDX file in the Arena cloud.

•    View PDX files stored in your Arena cloud from your Dashboard Inbox without additional downloads and uploads.

•    Filter and share PDX files with PDXViewer to gather quotes and provide suppliers with everything they need to build your prototype.

•    Be confident that suppliers receive and view your data with send receipt information within PDXViewer.

Thousands of users at manufacturers around the world use Arena PDXViewer for ad hoc quoting and build package transport across many different PLM systems. Only BOMControl users get the benefit of seamless integration in the cloud, enabling you to select which assemblies, parts, files and sourcing relationships you want to share from your complete export file, and share the link to this new filtered build package directly from the application. No downloading or uploading of large files or juggling of email and FTP sites. Your supplier can filter the file further to pass files to their subcontractors. Because the original file and the filtered children files never leave the Arena cloud during transit, your data is always securely delivered to the suppliers you trust.

The Spring ‘13 release is coming on April 21st, and we look forward to hearing how the integration of PDXViewer into BOMControl helps your team collaborate and innovate more efficiently.

Find out how to exchange build packages with suppliers and other exciting new options in our Spring ‘13 release. Join us for a free webinar and start sharing files with confidence.

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