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Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a PLM Webinar

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Are you a product innovator who wants to impress your hot date? Instead of going out to a dinner at a high end restaurant where the food is disappointing and overpriced or a movie in a theater with sticky uncomfortable seats, why not stay home and watch a webinar about product innovation? And why not make it a really true romantic experience with candles and champagne to get the mood just right?

I’d much rather watch any of these three Arena webinar experiences than a hit new musical. You say “La La Land”; well I say “Blah Blah Land.” Nothing says amore more than product development innovation webinars. And here are three good ones from which to choose: 

Power of an All-In-One Product Development Solution

Product complexity—driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) and customer expectation for highly connected products—has increased the need for a single solution that provides supply teams visibility into the product lifecycle to collaborate efficiently upstream and downstream. 

Unfortunately, companies that bandage together disparate solutions (product lifecycle management, quality management and application lifecycle management bolt-ons) continue to be sucker punched by the interoperability of out-of-sync data. There’s also the frustration of bi-directional colliding with uni-directional data (as no one is in charge) and multiple blind spots that allow potential defects and bugs to sneakily ship to market.

IDC Analyst Jeffrey Hojlo and Arena Solutions Senior Director of Consulting George Lewis examine the Power of an All-In-One Product Development Solution

Watch this webinar and discover the following:

• Five market forces driving demand for an all-in-one solution

• Four benefits of embedding quality into PLM 

• Reasons why the intersection of Quality, Analytics and ALM is so critical 

• How Arena’s all-in-one PLM/QMS/ALM solution enables collaboration between teams to streamline product development to make better products faster

Discover how the simplicity of a single solution improves your product development strategies. 

Sounds sexy, huh? Or alternatively, why not check out this other tantalizing webinar. 

Accelerate Your Time to Market with Arena – Oracle e-Business Integration

Product data synchronization between product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems has challenged companies of all sizes with lengthy, costly implementation times and elaborate processes. Leading companies place an emphasis on timely availability of reliable, complete and accurate product data across critical business systems. 

Sharing the latest product information from Arena to Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is critical for operational efficiency and success. Triniti’s Arena Oracle Integration ensures seamless, fast, and cost-effective integration between Arena PLM and Oracle EBS. Who knew?

Triniti’s Director of Solution Enablement Niranjan Mamillapalli and Director of Integrations and Solutions Vamsi Vella and Arena’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Heatherly Bucher, discuss how you can automate the process of transferring new and updated product records from Arena PLM to Oracle EBS with the flexible and configurable Arena-Oracle ERP Integration Adapter. 

In this webinar, you will see:

• How the realization of new products is driven from Arena into Oracle EBS for the critical synchronization your business requires

• How to extend the integration for additional EBS functions like Sourcing Rules & Assignments and Approved Supplier List

• Why eliminating costly, manual data entry eliminates errors, simplifies production hand-off, and speeds NPI 

Discover how connecting Arena and Oracle EBS via the Triniti integration provides manufacturers with accelerated business results above and beyond the value of the separate solutions.

Hubba-hubba, huh? Or if that doesn’t fit the bill, try this on for size:

Making Design to Manufacturing Easier, Faster, Better

We live in a multitasking product realization world today. Development teams today must adapt to a new economy, culture and technology. For companies to gain a competitive edge, retain loyal customers, and make a profit, they need collaborative product development and delivery and they need it fast—from design through production release processes—with all teams participating.

GoPro Director of Advanced Hardware Bill Orner, Nimble Storage PLM Project Manager Michelle Lee, and Arena Solutions Director Product Marketing Scott Reedy discuss how design and manufacturing engineering teams can take proactive steps to remove short-term pain points and meet long-term product objectives.

In this webinar attendees will also discover:

• When to use accountability and control in your product processes

• What actions will help you move product from design into manufacturing with more success

• Why the right multi-disciplinary product development platform can push beyond traditional product lifecycle management expectations and help you reach your product realization goals

Now with these three webinar options, you can make it a product innovation evening to remember. Arena Solutions isn’t stuffy like some of our competitors. Nor will it impose upon you time consuming exhausting installations and ongoing maintenance that will certainly keep you working at the office late and throughout the weekends…for eternity. 

With Arena, your weekends are your own to enjoy. If you want to see “La La Land”, bake a cake, go out dancing or watch a webinar—hey, that’s your call. Having free weekends is one of the main benefits of choosing Arena—the most robust multi-tenant SaaS product development platform on the market. In fact, over 1,000 customers use Arena so they can enjoy their weekends without worry about security updates, upgrades or security threats to their product development platform.