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For a High Tech 4th of July– Inspect Your Gadgets

4th_of_July_GadgetsAs a company that works with many of the most bleeding-edge, high tech, and innovative product companies in the world, we don’t leave our passion for technology at work. We geek out at home too. And this 4th of July is no exception. As we look forward to spending time with family and friends, we’ll get a chance to embrace new technology. Some of these spiffy devices might even improve our barbecuing skills. Here are a few gadgets we’d love to try this Independence Day.

Getting Things Started:

After reaching its funding goal on Kickstarter in May 2013 the BBQ Dragon is available for purchase now. In case the name BBQ Dragon wasn’t enough to entice you to purchase first and ask questions later, here is what it does and how it works. The BBQ Dragon is “a multi-function fire tool that starts, accelerates and controls the heat of all kinds of fires.” It achieves this by blowing a large amount of air at a low velocity directly to the fire. This provides the oxygen required to get your charcoal fire started quickly. It’s perfect for people that love the smell and flavor a coal fire provides, but want to speed up the process. Tailgating parties, anyone?

Just Right:

While your primary responsibility as a party host may be grilling, this is rarely the only task on your plate. Now, this is where the iGrill2 can save your day. This tool has four thermometers that connect to your main iGrill system. All you do is insert the thermometer into your various patties, chicken thighs or food of choice. Your iGrill then syncs with your phone via Bluetooth and gives you up-to-the-second data about what is going on under the hood. iGrill gives you the freedom (what better day than Independence Day) to leave your grill and attend to one of your other many hosting duties. You can flit from one guest to the other, laugh much too loudly at your boss’ lame joke while still keeping a virtual eye on your food. Worried about durability? These thermometers can withstand up to 700 degrees; an uncommon example where they can actually stand the heat and yet still choose to get out of the kitchen.

Easy Clean-Up:

The last thing you want to do after a long day of barbecuing for your 4th of July bash is clean your grill. Hey, the fleas come with the dog. But if you don’t give it a good scrub after the grill has cooled down then you will pay for it next time. This is where you can rely on Grillbots for an easy “set it and forget it” solution. Just place the Jetson-esque Grillbot on your grill, press the button and then watch as they crawl around your grill and do all the cleaning for you. Now, there’s no excuse for missing the fireworks, thereby avoiding Astro’s admonishing ‘Ruh-roh’.

These are just a few of the high tech products that are taking hold in the low tech world of grilling while making barbequing easier. Are there other new barbeque or Independence Day electronic devices you can’t do without? Let us know in the comments.