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FrankenCloud Baaaaad! True Cloud Goooood!

linked-in icon twitter-icon facebook-icon Founder Jeremy Roche says the rapid adoption of cloud applications has created a ‘FrankenCloud’ monster of disconnected silos in many businesses. His colleague is even more critical of the complications that arise from acquiring and then bandaging siloed systems.

“Market consolidation will continue and legacy players will continue to wrestle with integrating acquired technologies,” says Financial Force’s Kevin Roberts.

A NetSuite article “How to Tell a True Cloud Solution From a Fake One-and Why It Matters” and the CIMdata analyst report “All PLM Clouds Are Not Created Equal” highlight the dangers inherent in fake cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions alike, as well as the critical differences between cloud pretenders and cloud contenders. 

For example, here’s how the two reports explain the difference between fake and real clouds: true cloud solutions are built from the ground up to perform better as a fully hosted solution with maintenance and management across hundreds of servers and data redundancy in multi-tenant cloud environments. 

Fake cloud vendors, on the other hand, frantically attempt to pass off on-premise solutions, which were never designed to be managed or hosted, as cloud solutions by placing the software on the servers of third parties. More cloud pretenders are devising similarly nuanced ways to capitalize on the naivety of a market that craves all things ‘cloud’.

Some might ask why the fakers don’t build their own cloud solution. The answer? It’s hard, expensive and takes a very long time. According to one Gartner report, developing a true PLM cloud solution can take almost a decade to reach their ‘Plateau of Productivity’.

For almost two decades Arena has been redefining product lifecycle management (PLM) with a suite of cloud applications that enable engineering, manufacturing and their extended supply chains to work better together—from first prototype to full-scale production. We believe that our multi-tenant SaaS solution which offers a true single instance of software provides unparalleled scale, ease of use and future change flexibility for our users. It breaks many out of the manacles of ‘revision lock’.

A true multi-tenant cloud embraces IaaS, Paas and SaaS—all up and down the stack. In this manner, manufacturers and supply chains around the world collapse their time to market in the face of complex regulatory environs as they create better products faster.