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Connect all your systems with Single Sign-on (SSO)

Cloud SSO

Easier. Arena focuses on making life easier. Companies that manage thousands of user accounts across multiple business systems have embraced Single Sign-On (SSO) technologies to simplify access to key technologies. This significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to manage those accounts.

As a product manager, I know our customers feel strongly about the benefits of cloud-based technologies. We are pleased to add Cloud SSO to our platform. With Arena PLM, Arena offers Cloud SSO using Active Directory or the LDAP system of your choice.

Keep it Simple

With Cloud SSO, systems administrators can reduce the complexity of managing user accounts. Arena has partnered with industry leader PingOne to offer best-in-class identity management for BOMControl. Your IT admins can allow users to log in either from your own URL or from the Arena log in page, adding flexibility and security. The simple set up and configuration options reduce the headaches of managing users in the system. The full SAML 2.0 compliance ensures compatibility with existing identity management systems across your enterprise.

Security. Ease of Use.

Cloud SSO is designed to balance the ease of account administration with the strong security provisions you need to protect your company’s valuable IP. This technology is increasingly seen as a minimum “must-have” for companies adopting cloud-based systems.

Cloud SSO clearly makes things easier for systems administrators, but what about the end user? We think that’s the best part. Users won’t need to manage yet another user name and password to access the system—they can use a familiar interface and move between various business systems without interruption. With no additional passwords to remember, users will be managing BOMs quickly and efficiently from day one. Easier.