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Questions about product development? Arena’s new website puts our best resources at your fingertips

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We know making a product is hard—and that the day-to-day challenges of making hardware products raise a lot of questions. It’s why we’ve dedicated our blog and the resource section of our website to sharing best practices and tips for making better business decisions.

Because helping manufacturers build better products is an Arena core value, we’ve spent the last six months redesigning our website and blog to make our resources even easier to find and simpler to navigate. Today, I am very excited to share the finished product with you. (Check out the new Arena home page!)

Our blog now has categories that help you find resources on topics ranging from product development to innovation, business strategy, industry news and more. We’ve also included links to related articles at the bottom of each post, so you can get customized suggestions for other posts you might enjoy.

To learn how our new design helps inquisitive manufacturers access our best thought leadership and resources, I sat down with Marc Escobosa—VP of marketing and design at Arena.

Interview with Marc Escobosa, Arena’s VP of marketing and design

Redesigning a website is a huge undertaking—what was the motivation for the project?

Our old website had a library of resources that was organized by content type—such as a whitepaper, article or blog post—rather than by topic. But this isn’t very helpful for a customer who is in a bind and needs quick tips on navigating a challenge. In reality, it doesn’t really matter to customers whether we deliver advice in a whitepaper or in a blog post. It just needs to be helpful and smart information.

We reorganized our library so that readers can easily read resources on the topics that appeal to them. Our new design reflects our commitment to providing straightforward and helpful information to our customers. Whether you’re documenting your first prototype or finalizing a production ramp plan, we want to be your most valuable resource for trusted industry advice and answers.  

What’s new in the resources section of the website?

We have several new additions to the resource section—a manufacturing outsourcing dilemma series that helps you navigate challenges like “should I use multiple CMs for multiple product lines?” and two comprehensive, never out-of-date, guides on prototyping and ramping to production.

Why did you create guides that focused on the prototyping and production stages?

Our two always up-to-date guides were inspired by customers sharing stories with us about which manufacturing challenges keep them up at night. We kept hearing that manufacturers often run into questions at two particular stages of the manufacturing process—designing a prototype and ramping to production.

When deep in prototyping mode, mistakes are expensive and time is of the essence. And when ramping to production, companies are learning to navigate a tough position—acquiring new hires, new systems and managing the inevitable hiccups that crop up. Our guides offer manufacturers clear advice on these two critical, and often quite stressful, stages in manufacturing.

The guides are continually improving, and we hope to get feedback from customers about what topics we should expand upon.

How are you going to make sure Arena is always providing the best information to customers?

We know that there are thousands of questions that arise throughout the manufacturing process, and our resource section will continue growing and evolving to answer these questions and address them in a new light. The work is never done.

We hope our customers will keep sharing their questions and manufacturing challenges, so our content pertains to topics that really matter to our customer base.

And of course, we hope the design helps inspire our blog readers to engage with our posts and share interesting articles with friends.

What do you think about the new resources section and blog design? Comment below or get in touch with me to share your thoughts.