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Arena PLM Will Make You See Red

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Arena BOMControl Summer 2013 is finally here! We’ve refined some key areas that are especially important to our users. Our most exciting feature is the new Improved Import feature, which simplifies the data import process with a new step that allows you to review exactly how data will look before finalizing the import. This relieves the most common customer anxiety of missed errors or making a mistake when uploading data.

Here’s how it works: You still import a spreadsheet file of data, but now you choose from a list of common import targets, from a multi-level BOM to Item Sourcing to Supplier Contacts. When you import the file, it contains columns relevant to only that target. (You can still choose Advanced Import to include all data columns in one file, if you prefer.)

After you have mapped data columns and set your import preferences, you can now review exactly how the data in the import file will affect the existing data, thus further reducing the potential for importing incorrect data. “Our vision for the Summer 2013 release was to simplify the product to improve clarity, reduce overhead and provide a smoother, experience for both users and administrators,” says Steve Chalgren, Arena’s vice president of product management and strategy.

Customers can now review summarized redline changes in a single, table-based window that is as convenient as reading a baseball box score, the statistical summary of a game, including—if you follow the metaphor—errors. New, modified, and deleted information is shown in easy-to-see red text. Users can drill down into the details of the proposed import changes and, if necessary, back out of (or cancel) the process before committing to the changes in BOMControl. Arena is the only PLM on the planet to present changes in eye-catching color for easy viewing.

The biggest benefit of the Improved Import feature is its ability to empower customers to self implement their Arena system and import spreadsheets in a step-by-step method with supporting materials; such as online help, simple templates, and a how-to wizard with tutorial videos. In addition to self-service implementation services, we have online training, implementation consultants, and highly ranked customer service.

“We are hyper focused on enabling our customers big or small to implement quickly at the lowest possible cost.” says Chalgren. “You can upload and manage your own data in a minute and — because we are cloud — you can be up and running in but a minute more. It’s that simple.”

The Summer release symbolizes Arena’s commitment to delivering on the true promise of a cloud-based PLM solution, namely: cost savings by the removal of IT expenses, ease of implementation, and a faster path to ROI.

“There are a lot of companies that say they are doing cloud but a true realized cloud solution combines cost savings with ease of implementation and use — just sign up and go,” says Chalgren. “Unlike other “so-called cloud” software companies, we don’t make money from implementation services — we make it through scalable and extensible multi-tenant adoption.”

Click here for more details about all the features in BOMControl Summer 2013, including a how-to video for the new import.