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New PartsList feature! Ballpark BOM costs faster and more accurately

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Does it take you a while to estimate your bill of materials (BOM) cost?  To determine part availability and choose distributors for upcoming prototype build orders so that you can make a tight timeline? Have you ever botched a copy/paste job and tainted critical part data?

As an engineer for over 15 years, I know that part documentation can be a real drag. Collecting part information and conducting due diligence on availability and cost is a necessary part of the design process—but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also tedious and time consuming.

If spending less time hunting down part data sounds like a dream come true, then you’ll understand my motivation for building Distributor Selection—the newest feature of Arena PartsList. With the Distributor Selection functionality, you can instantly ballpark your BOM cost and check out part availability with a single click, saving you time and giving you a critical jumpstart on realizing your design.

How does Distributor Selection work?

Using Distributor Selection is simple. Just choose parts in your PartsList to look up, and with a single click of the Pull Data button, you can view component cost and availability information from a variety of distributors.  Selecting a cost link pulls the distributor information and cost right back to your BOM.

After you finish pulling cost and distributor data, you can group by distributor and get ready to place orders with your distributor representatives. 

Distributor Selection also enables smarter choices during the prototyping phase. You save hours of hopping from website to website comparing cost and availability.  Better yet, you have a method of quickly capturing choices you make to your BOM without copying and pasting.  With PartsList Distributor Selection, you can perform a quick sanity check and be confident that your BOM will fit the timeframe and cost ballpark that you’re aiming for.

Who can use Distributor Selection?

Distributor Selection is a valuable timesaving tool—whether you use a PLM system or not.

For spreadsheet users, PartsList helps you quickly gather part information to export into your excel document.  You can use Distributor Selection to quickly and accurately capture component information into your PartsList, and store your BOM information in a web-connected format so you can revisit the Distributor Selection pane anytime to get real time availability information.

If you use a PLM system, Distributor Selection helps you collect information and output a spreadsheet of critical part data to your doc control manager for PLM inclusion. PartsList even grabs datasheet URLs so doc control and purchasing have everything needed to move forward.   

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