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Arena Partners with SiliconExpert

De-Risk Your BOM with Arena PLM and SiliconExpertOEMs Can De-Risk Electronic Components with a Parts Rich Database 

From an outsider’s perspective, an OEM’s success simply depends upon an innovative vision and a strong development team.

What some product companies don’t see is the supporting effort that occurs behind the scenes in order to meet the product’s increasingly complex market and regulatory demands. A large part of this effort involves maintaining a healthy supply chain and reducing risk factors such as end of life (EOL), obsolescence, conflict mineral status and environmental compliance of electronic components—risks that can all result in shipment delays, increased product costs and impact overall product quality.

Arena’s integration with SiliconExpert, an industry leading electronic components database, now addresses these challenges by giving users instant access to critical component information across the entire product bill of materials (BOM).

The integration eliminates the need to search multiple websites for component information and allows OEMs to quickly identify, analyze and address BOM risk directly while in Arena PLM.

Cloud Ensures Easy Part Database Integration

One key differentiator between Arena’s cloud PLM solution and competing on-premise solutions is the ability to easily integrate with other cloud applications such as SiliconExpert.

Connecting an on-premise PLM solution with SiliconExpert would require the OEM to elicit IT resources to develop, test and maintain the integration. This could mean the hiring of additional personnel.  Security must also be addressed as the on-premise solution is typically not exposed beyond the IT firewall. With Arena PLM these issues are offloaded from the OEM to Arena, which lowers cost and allows for immediate implementation.

Simply put: SiliconExpert allows OEMs to have easy contextual access to a database—nay, treasure chest of rich components and parts. Anyone who’s spent time searching for component information will appreciate the time saving benefits of this integration. Having this key information in one place will save hours of manual search operations.

Component Lifecycle or Compliance Struggles? We’ve Got a Webinar for You!

For those of you who missed our July 31st webinar, we have a recording available on demand. Arena’ Product Manager Paul Welch and SiliconExpert’s Co-Founder Roya Ansari highlighted the partnership between Arena and SiliconExpert.

You will learn the benefits of having direct access to critical component information in Arena PLM by leveraging SiliconExpert’s powerful component database of over 250 million components from over 12,000 manufacturers.

If you’re faced with the ever increasing challenges posed by component lifecycle and environmental compliance issues, you’ll see how this solution will help you avoid costly production interruptions, improve product quality and meet ever increasing global regulations efficiently. With this partnership, Arena PLM customers, who elect to upgrade to SiliconExpert integration, can achieve the following:

  • Reduce supply chain risk and have the information to make better decisions
  • Increase visibility over product lifecycle and have the ability to manage component obsolescence
  • Instant access to regulation compliance documentation and product change notifications