March 11, 2010

Listen up! The web is speaking. (Is it your product they're discussing?)

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Anyone building products for the public or handling product service should check out this blog post chronicling a woman's battle for appropriate customer service with a washing machine company—and how her public complaints to social networking sites got results. Her story is both hilarious and a great object...

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I’m kind of a vinyl nerd. When things get hectic, I retreat to the man-cave in my garage, play some pinball and play my records on a little turntable perched on my workbench. I’ve always been curious about the process for making vinyl records. I found the answer in...

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There’s a lot of talk these days about the cloud…some of it from us even. However, we can’t help but share the concern Kenneth Wong expressed in a recent blog post, where he asserts that the term ‘cloud’ is being “interpreted,...

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