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Tina Murray

Tina Murray is an experienced Senior Implementation and Process Consultant with 21 years of experience in New Product Introduction (NPI) in the High Technology and Med Device industries. She has demonstrated expertise in Business Process Design, Training Development and Delivery, Project Managemenadministrator, Pre-sales, Software Documentation, and Change Control. She is a strong strategic and tactical consulting professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Operations from Santa Clara University.

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What’s Killing Your Change Review Cycle Times?

Companies today face many challenges as they scale from early research and development stages to commercial production. Global competition, environmental compliance, and more distributed supply chains are just a few hurdles that must be overcome. The stakes are high if you fail to innovate and beat your competitors to market. […]

Feb 20, 2019

Parallel Prototyping to Optimize Process Designs

Have you ever been part of poorly run projects? Experienced analysis paralysis? Been frustrated by costly overruns or implementation delays? If so, consider how parallel prototyping can help you harness the power of all team members to create more optimal processes, while avoiding the pitfalls associated with large teams trying […]

Sep 27, 2018

Designing for Excellence with your Supply Chain

In my early new product introduction (NPI) projects, all of our product data was stored in file cabinets. To release a printed circuit board (PCB) for fabrication, we copied drawings and discs and then physically delivered them to the PCB house—we pushed the data. For each new release, we always […]

Aug 14, 2018

Five Tips to Avoid Costly Project Pitfalls

Have you ever served on a project team responsible for implementing a new enterprise software solution that failed to launch? There’s nothing more frustrating than juggling your day job while also participating on a time-intensive project team—only to find that despite everyone’s best efforts to go live under budget and on schedule, the project just falls short.

Jul 18, 2018