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Shaun Snapp

Shaun Snapp is a longtime implementer of ERP and advanced planning systems. Shaun Snapp is the Founder and Editor of SCM Focus. SCM Focus is one of the largest independent supply chain software analysis and educational sites on the Internet. He maintains a strong interest in comparative software design, and works both in SAP APO, as well as with a variety of best-of-breed vendors. Shaun is an author of many books including The Bill of Materials in Excel, ERP, Planning and PLM/BMMS Software.

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Why PLM and ERP Should Not be Mutually Exclusive

Each application category of enterprise software is studied and scrutinized ad nauseam by a designated group of analysts. Firms, such as Gartner, are highly influential in not only promoting some applications over others, but in directly influencing purchasing activities…

Jan 27, 2016