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Eric Larkin

Eric is co-founder and chief technology officer of Arena Solutions, overseeing product strategy, design, development and operations. He first realized the importance of managing product information well in the early 1990s as CTO of Light & Motion Industries (LMI), a vertically integrated manufacturer of underwater video equipmenadministrator, where superior information management helped LMI become the leader in its industry. Subsequent product design and manufacturing roles strengthened his conviction that better information management enables better engineering, and in 2000 Eric reunited with several colleagues to architect Arena, a bill of materials (BOM) and change management system in the cloud, and start delivering it to manufacturers everywhere. Eric loves engineering: electrical, mechanical, firmware, software, manufacturing

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How the cloud will revolutionize build package exchange

The exchange of product data between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their supply chain partners is one of the most important processes in manufacturing. The initial handoff of design data to suppliers for prototyping is often the first time a product design takes on real life, not to mention…

Jul 24, 2012

3 ways the cloud will change manufacturing

When we founded Arena in 2000, it was uncommon (unique, even) to deliver PLM, and manufacturing software in general, as a cloud application. In fact, our main integration challenge was configuring our cloud BOM and change management system, Arena BOMControl, to work with the on-premise EDA, MCAD and…

Jul 19, 2012

Two rules for rolling a revision up the tree

When incorporating a new component revision, many manufacturers struggle with the question of whether to trigger a new revision of the assembly. You don’t want to bury yourself in a pile of pointless documentation updates, but you also never know when you may need to trace a given…

May 16, 2012

Rolling revisions up the tree 101: When, how and why

Over the years, I’ve seen many new Arena customers wrestle with the question of whether a new component revision should trigger a new revision of the assembly or assemblies that contain it. This is a harder question than it might seem, because the simplest answer just doesn’t work in…

May 15, 2012