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Chris Vickery

Chris woke up one day and realized he had been at Arena since 2005, creating all of the user manuals and written content in BOMControl. He can usually be found fussing over the BOMControl help system and has a terrible fear that somewhere in the hundreds of pages, there may be a typo. In previous jobs, he has written technical and marketing content for a variety of manufacturers, whose products range from disk drives to heating valves. Chris enjoys distance running, soccer, pinball machines, slow foreign films and chasing his toddler daughter around the house. He tries out each blog post on her before publishing iadministrator, and is still waiting for comprehensible feedback.

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Branching Development in Arena BOMControl

When you’re developing new products, branching into two development paths is an important part of your process. You need to be able to work on both designs simultaneously, and you need a PLM system that makes it easy.  The Duplicate functionality in Arena BOMControl allows you to branch…

May 24, 2012