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Alyssa Sittig

Alyssa played an instrumental role in the development of the Arena Blog and social media channels from 2011 to 2012. Joining the team with a background in public policy, Alyssa was particularly interested in the challenges that manufacturers face both domestically and overseas when taking products to market.

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PRG Symposium and BBQ 2012 is coming soon!

Next Friday, Sept 14, is the Product Realization Group’s 2012 Symposium and BBQ on product development—have you reserved your spot yet? Besides the opportunity to mingle with other high technology professionals and innovative manufacturers from around the country, you will hear a panel of industry leaders discuss today’s…

Sep 6, 2012

Reserved your spot at PRG’s 2012 Symposium and BBQ?

Want an opportunity to network with high technology professionals, learn about the latest manufacturing and product development trends and enjoy some delicious food and music? What about the chance to win a Kindle Fire?  Then be sure to reserve your spot at PRG’s 2012 Symposium and BBQ on Friday,…

Aug 23, 2012

Bringing a hardware renaissance to Silicon Valley

As the name implies, Silicon Valley is home to a vast number of software startups. From giants like Facebook and Google in the South Bay to Twitter, Zynga and Salesforce in San Francisco, it feels like there’s a new app, social network or cloud tool emerging every day. And…

Aug 16, 2012

Engineering Change Orders 101

An engineering change order (ECO) does a lot of things—it describes a change, identifies the impact of the change and ensures that the right people have reviewed and approved the change. To avoid potential design, manufacturing and inventory errors or miscommunications with your teammates and suppliers, your ECOs need…

Aug 14, 2012