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Arena Solutions’ Growth in Mid-Enterprise More than Doubles Average Deal Size

Arena Solutions, the pioneer of cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) applications, today announced that the company’s continued focus on the challenges facing mid-enterprise clients drove a 130 percent plus increase in average deal size and a 200 percent plus increase in total subscriptions from new customers in Q1 2014 over the same period a year ago.

This remarkable growth in deal size reflects the increasingly larger, enterprise customers that Arena has been winning. This sector is recognizing the significant financial and competitive gains that PLM and, more specifically, cloud-based PLM can offer.

“It’s not just engineering management who recognize the value of cloud-based PLM,” said Arena CFO, Ken Bozzini. “CFOs have also taken notice. For the most part, CFOs have already achieved the benefit of ERP, and, because nearly all mid-enterprises use ERP today, the ERP competitive advantage is reduced, and has almost become table stakes. In contrast, cloud-based PLM enables savvy CFOs to play a strategic role and provide their organizations with real competitive advantage by using PLM to track the value of their intellectual property, time-to-market and operational efficiency. Regardless of the temporary discomfort of unhooking an enterprise on-premise solution, the long term compelling savings have become too large to ignore.”

Arena’s Q1 2014 growth was also fueled by its Fall 2013 release, which continues to drive sales. This release included:

  • Arena Demand, which provides manufacturers with visibility into their parts inventory to calculate aggregated component needs for their entire product portfolio so they can better negotiate with their suppliers and contract manufacturers;
  • Arena Projects, which connects the project schedule directly to the product record to increase visibility and accountability for new product introductions, quality improvement processes, and cost reduction projects;
  • Arena Exchange, which offers OEMs a secure, flexible and traceable environment for collaboration with multiple users at different supplier levels throughout their global supply chain; and
  • Arena API, which expands the information value chain captured in Arena PLM by allowing customers to easily integrate their enterprise application infrastructure with Arena PLM.
  • “We’re having to hire in sales and marketing to keep up with the demand for Arena and our company’s growth,” Bozzini added. “We’ve increased our head count significantly since Q1 2013, and we expect the team to more than double over the next year as adoption continues to accelerate.”

    Some of the companies that selected Arena during Q1 2014 include:

    • Airware, Inc.: Specializes in the development of autopilots for unmanned aircraft systems
    • Angel Armor – a Small Beginnings Company: Develops premium protective solutions specializing in body, vehicle and custom applications
    • Haivision: Provides end-to-end video streaming solutions for encoding, recording, managing, publishing and distributing secure video content.
    • Misfit Wearables: Highly wearable sensor products and services for wellness and medical applications.
    • Sotera Wireless: Develops a new generation of comprehensive vital signs monitoring.
    • Spectracom Corp: Provides GNSS signal management solutions to synchronize critical operations.
    • Vantage Controls: Manufacturers intelligent control systems for luxury residential and commercial applications.
    • Xsensor: Innovates in the field of pressure imaging, commonly referred to as pressure mapping, in the sleep, patient safety, and automotive testing businesses.
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      Arena pioneered cloud PLM applications. The  Arena PLM suite of products including; BOMControl and PartsList, as well as their ground-breaking supply chain Exchange, solution  enable engineering and manufacturing teams and their extended supply chains to speed prototyping, reduce scrap, and streamline supply chain management. Arena cloud PLM applications simplify bill of materials and change management for companies of all sizes, and offer the right balance of flexibility and control at every point in the product lifecycle—from prototype to full-scale production. Based in Foster City, Calif., Arena has been ranked as a Top 10 PLM solution and also holds a spot on the San Francisco Business Times’ Best Places to Work List for 2013.

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