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Fifteenth Consecutive Quarter of Net New Revenue Growth Demonstrates Critical Importance of Control

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Foster City, Calif., Oct 29 - Arena Solutions, a provider of on-demand software that helps small and mid-size manufacturers manage their complex and constantly changing product record, today announced that the third quarter ending September 30, 2009, represented the 15th consecutive quarter of net new revenue growth for the company. The quarter

The majority of new customers in Q3 2009 were early-stage companies looking to get their businesses off to a strong start. These companies know that getting ahead in today’s market requires that they be able to do more with less—and they see Arena as a tool to make that possible. Arena helps companies get their product data and engineering change processes under control in less than 30 days and enables them to share accurate bills of materials (BOMs) with their contract manufacturers and other suppliers.

The renewals and upsells came from companies at all stages of growth, showing that Arena solves problems throughout the product lifecycle, from new product development (NPD) through new product introduction (NPI) and beyond. This tangible value, along with the ease and low cost of getting started with Arena, also resulted in many referrals for Arena in Q3 2009. Nearly 30% of new customers had either had Arena recommended to them by other another satisfied customer or had previously used the system at another company.

“For years, we’ve had customers telling us they wish they would have started using Arena even earlier,” said Craig Livingston, chief executive officer of Arena Solutions. “It’s gratifying to now see so many companies insist on using Arena from the start. Aside from the obvious benefit of having a simple, robust way to capture, control and share their BOMs, these companies are establishing a foundation for growth and innovation. Like all companies today, they need to watch what they spend—but if anything, that pushes them toward Arena. They can get started with minimal upfront cost—and start to save right away as they eliminate manual tasks that would otherwise require additional headcount and they reduce the costly errors that typically result from too many manual tasks.”

Among the customers who selected Arena in Q3 2009 are:

  • Fortinet, a leading provider of network security appliances and a leader in the unified threat management (UTM) market worldwide.
  • PowerGenix, developer and manufacturer of non-toxic, high-performance nickel-zinc (NiZn) rechargeable batteries that are smaller, lighter and more powerful than other rechargeable batteries on the market today.
  • Pix2o, an innovative systems company producing video displays scalable from less than 1 square meter to over 100 square meters; its systems are environmentally hardened, thin and lightweight, making them flexible and scalable.
  • CSafe, a provider of technology solutions for the perishable air freight market, including the flagship AcuTemp® RKN, which is an active temperature-controlled air cargo container.
  • JumpSport, the leading provider of trampoline safety net enclosures and safety-engineered trampolines.
  • American Wave Machines, a company that develops artificial wave technology that replicates the experience of real ocean surfing for waterparks, surfparks, hotel resorts and sponsored wave-riding exhibitions.

Also in Q3 2009:

  • Arena saw its strategic partnerships continue to thrive, with nearly 15% of the new customers in Q3 2009 coming from the international value added reseller (VAR) and Trusted Advisor Program (TAP) channels. Arena also welcomed several new partners into TAP.
  • Arena surpassed its 99.5 percent service level agreement for the 14th consecutive quarter, with 100 percent uptime in Q3 2009 and a continued focus on delivering the most secure and reliable collaborative BOM and change management solution available.
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