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Next-Generation Medical Device Companies Adopt Arena to Improve Their Product Development Processes

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Foster City, Calif., Mar 18 - Arena Solutions, a provider of on-demand software that helps small and mid-size manufacturers manage their complex and constantly changing product record, today announced its software is being used by some of the hottest new medical device manufacturers defining what is possible in healthcare now and in the future. The latest companies in the medical device industry to adopt Arena

Arena provides these medical device manufacturers a collaborative environment for centralizing, controlling and analyzing complex and constantly changing product information, including the design history file (DHF), device master record (DMR), bills of materials (BOMs), part specifications and change orders. The software helps reduce design errors while increasing the speed of information exchange across the enterprise and with its outsourcing partners. In addition, Arena makes it much easier for small and mid-size medical device manufacturers to comply with the ever-changing standards and regulations that govern the development and delivery of products in their industry.

The companies using Arena to gain greater control over their design and manufacturing processes are bringing to market new technologies that will significantly benefit healthcare across the nation and throughout the world. Among them are:

  • AcuTemp Thermal Systems, which is responsible for the design and manufacture of reliable products for the storage and transport of temperature-sensitive goods that enhance or save human life.
  • Nanostim, Inc., a company that creates miniaturized, leadless cardiac pacemakers.
  • VasoNova, which is developing a new peripherally inserted central catheter to facilitate easier, more accurate catheter placement.
  • ProGenTech Limited, a life science and molecular diagnostics company committed to delivering next-generation instrumentation for nucleic acid and protein purification and molecular diagnostic testing.

Because Arena is a web-native, on-demand (SaaS) application, these small and mid-size manufacturers have been easily able to take advantage of its benefits in the areas of availability, cost savings, security, ease of implementation and ease of use. With no servers or IT staff required, companies are able to get up and running with little to no investment or overhead.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the SaaS model is the Arena Validation Maintenance Service (VMS). Arena is able to provide customers with results of its internal software validation for use as their own evidence of system compliance, saving customers the time and expense associated with completing these efforts themselves. This type of service is not available with traditional client/server software and can often take internal teams hundreds of hours every time a new software version is released.

"Our newest medical device customers are terrific examples of innovative companies with great foresight. They are staying squarely focused on getting their products to market instead of on trying to work with, and ultimately around, inefficient and error-prone spreadsheet software that many small and mid-size companies use at the start and quickly find to be one of their greatest roadblocks," said Marc Escobosa, vice president of product design at Arena Solutions. "When it comes to the success of their companies, these managers have recognized the critical role played by their operations professionals, quality and regulatory leaders and key team members like document control managers, and have made sure to provide them with software that can enhance the way they do their jobs."

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