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Arena Solutions Launches Innovative Partner Program for Contract Manufacturers

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Foster City, Calif., Dec 19 - Arena Solutions, the leading provider of on-demand product lifecycle management (PLM) software for manufacturers, today announced the official launch of a partner program designed specifically for contract manufacturers (CMs) with established networks of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. Participants in the Arena Contract Manufacturer Partner Program (CMPP) are ensured rapid implementation and adoption of Arena PLM

The central element of the CMPP is access to the on-demand Arena PLM application, a secure, centralized location where CMs can manage their OEM customers’ product data and related business processes throughout the entire product lifecycle. By enabling communication around the product record, this environment fosters tight-knit relationships between CMs and their OEM counterparts and positions CMs to react quickly to customer change orders that impact bills of materials (BOMs), material planning and production execution. The resulting reduction in potential rework costs and excess/obsolete inventory benefits both CMs and their customers. Other key elements of the Arena CMPP include tailored training and deployment services, focused marketing support and subscription discounts.

Some early contract manufacturers to join the program include Dayang, an electronics manufacturing and assembly company based in Australia; PartnerTech, a contract manufacturer with sites in the U.S., Europe and China, focused primarily on the telecommunications, IT, engineering and medical technology industries; and Western Electronics, a contract manufacturer that provides manufacturing solutions to companies across a wide range of industries.

The program is already proving successful for early participants. CMs are finding that Arena PLM gives them a competitive advantage in the market and enhances their relationships with customers. In fact, several OEMs have seen so much value in their CM’s use of the tool that they’ve become Arena PLM customers themselves. CMs that use Arena PLM are better positioned to win additional new business from these OEMs once both parties are standardized on the same platform. And if the CMs are participating in the CMPP they also enjoy further discounts on their Arena PLM subscription when any of their customers sign up with Arena.

“Arena PLM has helped Dayang manage customers’ new product introductions more efficiently, reducing time to ramp and providing a business process framework around customers’ product data,” said Ian Harper, General Manager—Operations at Dayang OMS. “Using Arena PLM gives us a strong competitive edge in the market and helps us land new business.”

“We’re very excited to be announcing our Contract Manufacturer Partner Program,” said Mark Holman, senior vice president of operations and strategic development at Arena Solutions. “We’ve always talked about how on-demand PLM is the key to true collaboration between OEMs and their contract manufacturing partners. But frankly, it works both ways: On-demand PLM is tremendously beneficial to CMs in their relationships too. And those relationships are critical; I saw that over and over during my years in the contract manufacturing world. I’m thrilled that Arena is offering CMs a way to make the most of Arena PLM—and make the most of their customer relationships.”

Contract manufacturers who are interested in the Arena Contract Manufacturer Partner Program can find more information and an application to join on the Arena Solutions website at

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