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Arena Solutions Launches New Edition of Its Award-Winning Arena PLM On-Demand Solution

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Foster City, Calif., Jun 6 - Arena Solutions, the leading provider of on-demand product lifecycle management software for manufacturers of all sizes, today announced the availability of Arena PLM Spring 06. The latest release of Arena

“Arena is committed to providing its customers with the most powerful and secure platform for PLM,” said Michael Topolovac, CEO of Arena Solutions. “With Arena PLM Spring 06 we have taken that commitment to the next level by simplifying integration with today’s most popular ERP, EDA and CAD applications, adding another layer of security so our customers can now restrict access based on physical location as well as username and password, and providing real-time feedback so our customers can optimize their PLM experience.”

Arena PLM Spring 06 enhancements include:
A New Integration Layer
With Spring 06, Arena Solutions has added a new integration layer into its PLM application that enables simplified integration with today’s most essential ERP, CAD and EDA applications, including products from Oracle, Microsoft, Expandable, QAD, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and SolidWorks. Through this new integration layer, manufacturers now have the option of using managed data synchronizations or off-the-shelf adaptor solutions to seamlessly integrate PLM product data with other enterprise applications such as ERP, MCAD and EDA. Managed data synchronizations, which include semi-automated workflows, allow customers who are just getting started with PLM or who make less frequent updates to their integration processes, to have a cost-effective and ‘out of the box’ solution for integrating their PLM data with other applications.

The integration layer also features a dashboard that allows users to transparently monitor and more easily manage which other applications are integrated with Arena PLM. In addition, the integration dashboard enables customers to easily publish specific subsets of PLM data to other enterprise systems. Now through the dashboard, customers can have real-time visibility into what other applications are integrated with Arena PLM and greater control of their product record data.

“As global outsourcing becomes more important to companies of all sizes, providing consistent access to all the information that affect product development becomes even more difficult to pull together and leverage for business decisions. In order to make this information more useful, product-related information from various, distributed enterprise systems needs to be integrated into a cohesive, managed ‘single version of the truth’ quickly and accurately,” said Ken Amann, Director of Research for CIMdata. “By incorporating an application integration layer directly within its PLM solution and including a dashboard for managing integration connections, Arena has provided their customers a significantly improved mechanism for product information to be communicated and synchronized with other enterprise applications.”

Enhanced Security
Arena PLM provides enhanced enterprise-class security through IP-based access control. Manufacturers can now restrict access to its Arena PLM solution based on log-in and IP address range. By adding a layer of security based on originating location, Arena PLM:

  • Provides for stronger security measures as well as more customized permissions.
  • Allows security and intellectual property conscious customers to control access to their IP on very specific “point of entry”.

Richer Customer Experience
Unlike traditional software solutions, Arena PLM is delivered on-demand as a secure, web-based Internet service enabling customers to take advantage of rapid, continuous innovation, a richer, AJAX-based user interface, increased reliability and security, and greater service performance. With Spring 06, Arena PLM now provides manufacturers with real-time, personalized usage information into application usage, feature utilization and support activity so they can maximize their PLM experience. In addition, through a custom, self-service portal manufacturers can now get real-time status updates on customer support issues. The portal is fully integrated with FastFeedback, a real-time support system that provides users with immediate technical assistance in the context of exactly where they are in the application. These unique benefits of on-demand PLM add up to greater productivity and competitive advantage for manufacturers and their global supply chain.

These enhancements follow on the heels of Arena’s recent announcement that all of its Arena PLM products are backed by a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA). Arena’s customers can expect to receive a minimum planned uptime and availability of 99.5% on its service or they will receive a credit against their subscription. As with all upgrades to Arena PLM, the Arena PLM SLA is effective immediately and free of charge for all Arena PLM customers. In addition, Arena Solutions now provides its customers with real-time access to network availability, uptime, and historical system performance through its public website

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