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SafeView Uses Arena PLM to Accelerate Time to Market by 50 Percent

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Foster City, Calif., Sep 14 - Arena Solutions, the leading provider of on-demand product lifecycle management software for mid-sized manufacturers, today announced that SafeView, a leading maker of high-tech security scanning devices, uses Arena PLM Professional Edition to manage its virtual manufacturer model for the company

“Deploying Arena PLM at the inception of our business two years ago was core to our success as a virtual manufacturer,” said Karen Meyer, vice president of operations for SafeView. “We couldn’t afford the risk of a traditional enterprise solution and needed to make sure that we could securely collaborate with design partners, suppliers, and our contract manufacturer to protect our intellectual property. Without Arena PLM we couldn’t have provided our external partners visibility into the entire development process, and it would not have been possible for us to deliver our product to market in such a short time. And by using Arena PLM, we’ve also been able to have visibility into our costs to meet our design targets.”

“SafeView is demonstrating how manufacturers undertaking new product development and introduction benefit from Arena’s on-demand model to accelerate time to market and shrink the concept-to-cash cycle by as much as 80 percent,” said Pam Kostka, VP of Marketing at Arena Solutions. “Companies of all sizes, even the smallest start-ups, can benefit from on-demand PLM, especially when there is a heavy reliance on outsourcing. We see SafeView as one of the best examples of how emerging companies are using on-demand PLM technology to drive new product innovation, especially important in the area of security, where lives depend on the rapid availability of sophisticated detection devices.”

Because Arena PLM software is delivered as a service, every user across SafeView’s virtual enterprise has access to the application with no software installations or downloads, no costly deployments, and no ongoing IT maintenance. Freed from the hassles of managing IT, SafeView is able to focus 100 percent of resources on product innovation.

Meyer, whose manufacturing background includes stints in operations management, materials, purchasing, program management, sales, and marketing, points out that SafeView also relies on Arena PLM for its high level of IP security. “As a security solutions company whose products are used in homeland defense initiatives, we need to have the most secure means of protecting our intellectual property. Arena has invested millions to ensure that all of the data associated with our product record is completely protected and can be securely shared with outsourced partners. Our data security profile rivals that of the largest F500 companies.”

SafeView has commercialized a holographic imaging technology that uses ultra-high frequency waves known as millimeter waves to detect, without the use of any radiation, objects that evade the discovery of traditional metal detectors. For example, current airport security installations do not detect plastic explosives, ceramic knives, and various other dangerous objects.

SafeView’s system offers a more effective and less intrusive alternative to metal detectors, pat-down searches, and other means used to ensure safety in buildings including airports, prisons, sports & entertainment venues, commercial buildings, and government facilities such as court houses, border crossings, and military facilities. SafeView already has deployments of its SafeScout product line in Israel, The Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, and with the U.S. military in Iraq.

Arena PLM enables manufacturing companies to share - in real time - a single version of the product record, facilitating design and engineering collaboration in diverse industries such as high-tech electronics, medical devices, and consumer products. With an easy to use application that can be accessed on-demand, everyone in the global outsourced supply chain - from OEMs to their contract manufacturers, outsourced designers, and suppliers - is able to work more efficiently, speed time to market, and more capably address market pressures.

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