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New Functionality Improves Component and Supplier Management

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Foster City, Calif., Dec 3 -, the first company to provide web-native software that enables collaborative product development around a bill-of-materials (BOM) framework, today introduced new functions that improve cost and sourcing analytics. These features enable hardware design and manufacturing businesses to streamline the management of complex supply chain information and make strategic sourcing decisions throughout the development process. The web-native architecture of the application means that all customers enjoy immediate access to these new features as part of their current subscriptions.

“In order to stay competitive in today’s markets, hardware manufacturers require better sourcing capabilities earlier in product development,” said Michael Topolovac, chief executive officer and co-founder of “Many companies cobble together a combination of manual systems and MRP tools that generally do a poor job at offering early visibility into product costs and tracking detailed sourcing information. gives companies a strategic advantage by providing an easy-to-use application tailored for managing complex design chains - and complex design processes - from the earliest stages of development.”

The new functions improve component and supplier management (CSM) by allowing users to capture additional cost and sourcing data and gain early visibility into volume requirements, detailed cost estimates, target margins and other information needed to make strategic sourcing decisions. Specific benefits include:

  • Complete purchasing history: users can now capture and view the complete purchase history for any item they manage in - even when that history extends across multiple suppliers. Users can leverage these buying histories by automatically extracting all the information needed to repurchase an item in a single click.
  • Complex supply chain relationship management: New enhancements enable users to capture supply chain information with greater accuracy. For each item, users identify a procurement type of either “made-to-specification” or “off-the-shelf”And then create source relationships to reflect whether the item is purchased directly from the manufacturer or indirectly via a vendor. The application also lets users identify each source relationship as “approved” or “potential,” giving engineers the flexibility to explore possible sources while allowing purchasing managers to retain control over which relationships are used for purchases.
  • Improved cost analysis: users now have a choice of using quotes or purchase histories for the cost roll-ups automatically calculated by the application. Another new feature lets users specify a resale price and set standard and target costs for items. They can instantly compare the resulting target margins to current projected margins.
  • Instant sourcing analytics: In a single click, users can distill a complex, multi-level BOM into a flat list of items that clearly delineates how much of an assembly has been sourced. Users can instantly see which items require purchasing and, of these, which need suppliers confirmed. This knowledge offers insight into the accuracy of current cost estimates and development timelines. In another click, users can sort items by cost to immediately view the most expensive parts within the BOM for both prototype and production runs. These functions position users to make strategic sourcing decisions.

Pricing and Availability
The new purchasing and sourcing functionality is offered as part of the application and is available immediately at no additional cost to customers. Customers must already have a account, which is available for an annual prepaid subscription of $1000 per user with no set-up or installation fees. Customers can access from any computer with a web browser; there is no traditional software to buy, install, maintain or upgrade. New customers can sign up by visiting the company’s web site at or by calling the sales department toll-free at 866.937.1438.

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