Arena News Introduces Software to Simplify Management of Complex Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Data

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Foster City, Calif., Jun 4 - today introduced a web-native software application that provides hardware design and manufacturing organizations with a centralized workspace for storing, managing, accessing sharing all of the data that defines their products. The tool, also called, employs a powerful relational database to manage whole-product bills of materials (BOMs): complex sets of relationships among part names, part numbers, manufacturers, vendors, prices, lead times, CAD files and other product-related data. Available for a monthly fee of $100 per user, enables increased collaboration and greater efficiency at a fraction of the cost of traditional client/server solutions.

As a centralized repository for all the information that engineers, manufacturing professionals, purchasing agents, project managers, executives and supply chain partners need to know about a product in development, allows everyone across the enterprise and the supply chain to collaborate around up-to-date information at anytime, from anywhere. By giving companies an easier way to share and reuse design data, enables them to reduce development costs and speed time-to-market.

“As the nexus of product definition data from design through production, the BOM is the most comprehensive framework for collaboration during all stages of development,” said Michael Topolovac, president and chief executive officer at “By providing that framework, simplifies tedious sourcing procedures and smooths the hand-off from design to manufacturing. It also offers an early window into product costs, which allows companies to make timely, critical design changes that can keep their products on schedule and on budget. And the benefits are cumulative: the more an enterprise uses, the more extensive a database of design information it can leverage for future products."

“We expect to bring important new capabilities to product design and manufacturing businesses,” said Bradley G. Whitt, vice president and senior analyst at Southwest Securities, Inc. “Managing product information across a distributed enterprise is a tremendous challenge. Managing product information across a distributed supply chain is even tougher. There is a significant market opportunity for Internet-based applications that automate the flow of product-related information across the entire supply chain.”

The ability to centralize and collaborate around structured product data translates into a number of benefits for enterprises as well as individuals involved in the development process. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced design chain collaboration: All members of the extended design team — employees, consultants and supply chain partners in any geographic location — can collaborate in real time around the same, up-to-date product data. Since this data is housed in a single repository, project managers no longer have to reconcile individual engineers’ spreadsheet BOMs.
  • Smooth hand-off to manufacturing: organizes information in a format that is easy to use. Purchasing agents and manufacturing engineers can work with the data directly in or export the BOM into an MRP or ERP system.
  • Early window into product costs: Project managers, engineering executives and other members of the organization can view projections from the earliest stages of development, allowing them to make design and specification changes that reduce costs without slowing time-to-market.
  • Instant access to past designs: Companies can create true institutional knowledge bases. Designers and engineers save time and effort by knowing exactly where to find detailed specifications from past products — and then building new BOMs from items, assemblies or whole products that already exist.

Specific Product Features provides these benefits by enabling better BOM and item management and improving enterprise-wide and supply chain collaboration. Specific features include cost tracking and analysis; CAD tool integration; easy data import and export; document and file management; and management of supplier quote and contact information. For detailed information about the full feature set, please refer to the product section of the company’s website (

Data Integrity and Security has assembled an industry-standard security infrastructure to ensure a high level of protection for its customers’ data. A redundant network design, with production hardware maintained at a professional colocation facility, features multiple firewalls, separate authentication servers and a proprietary application security model that prevents any customer from accessing another’s data. employs SSL encryption to protect all customer data transmitted over the Internet, including file attachments, usernames and passwords. Nightly tape backups enhance the system’s reliability in the event of catastrophic occurrence — and provide far greater data protection than most companies’ internal IT resources offer. Enterprises can export their data from to other popular desktop applications anytime they wish.

Pricing and Availability

At only $100 per month per user, is priced at a fraction of the cost of similar software in use by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Because it is web-native, enterprises also avoid the expensive IT resources required to install, administer, secure and maintain a client/server solution. allows customers to outsource their IT needs and gain access to an IT infrastructure they cannot outgrow. will be available June 1, 2001. New customers can sign up by visiting the company’s website at or by contacting the sales department at 650.687.3538.

Future Add-in Modules will continue to upgrade its basic service while introducing advanced modules to provide such features as enhanced product change management capabilities and RFQ automation. The first of these modules is planned for later this year.

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