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Arena BOMControl and Octopart Bring Real-Time Supplier Information to the BOM

Connecting the data Octopart aggregates from leading distributors to Arena's cloud BOM and change management solution is an example of the type of collaboration that is easier in the cloud than it is in more traditional on-premise environments. “Octopart offers a truly innovative service, and we are very pleased to be partnering with them,” said Arena CEO Craig Livingston. “As more manufacturing companies are beginning to embrace the cloud, and we're seeing more cloud ERP, PLM and design tools in the marketplace, we are committed to delivering on the unlimited possibilities of cloud data management by connecting distributors, designers and manufacturers directly through cloud-savvy ways. Our partnership with Octopart exemplifies how we are in a unique position to use the cloud to really automate the flow of product information between companies and radically reduce transaction costs.”

According to Andres Morey, co-founder of Octopart, “We are very excited to be partnering with Arena to provide their users with automatic, real-time product information integrated into their BOMs. Using Octopart's API, Arena has built a powerful solution that will help manufacturing companies make design and purchasing decisions more efficiently. Octopart's API can provide anyone access to critical product information and Arena's application illustrates its utility.”

About Supplier Item Lookup

Supplier Item Lookup is a BOMControl add-on that pulls up-to-date supplier information from Octopart about market availability, lifecycle status and regulatory or environmental compliance. Supplier Item Lookup is available to BOMControl customers, and can be purchased for the price of one seat in BOMControl. As a special part of the new product launch, Arena is allowing both new and current customers to try Supplier Item Lookup for free until May 31st.

Arena customers can use Supplier Item Lookup to:

  • Know at-a-glance if components are available for purchase, or if they will be available in the future
  • Quickly determine which components meet environmental and compliance requirements for a project
  • Identify potential supply shortages for essential components in a BOM or monitor items in a BOM for sudden market availability changes
  • Pull up-to-date datasheets for all the parts in a BOM

“The insights provided by Arena Supplier Item Lookup will help our customers save time, reduce component risk, and make better design decisions,” says Steve Chalgren, Arena VP of product and strategy. “With one click, our customers will be able to access real-time supplier item information about components they're evaluating or using in their designs. We believe that Supplier Item Lookup is really a game changer-no other company offers this level of data delivery at such a competitive price.”

About Arena

For over a decade, Arena has been redefining PLM with a suite of cloud applications that enable engineering, manufacturing and their extended supply chains to work better together-from first prototype to full-scale production. Arena helps innovative manufacturers bring better products to market faster with cloud PLM offerings that speed prototyping, reduce scrap and help manufacturers collaborate on product changes with strategic partners across the globe.

About Octopart

Octopart develops search technology to help engineers and scientists build the next generation of electronic devices. The company was started in the fall of 2006 by two experimental physicists who had a vision for a more effective way of searching for electronic parts online. The company's website ( launched to the public in March of 2007.

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