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Arena makes cloud PLM functionality affordable for manufacturers of all sizes

In addition to announcing new pricing plans, Arena has changed the name of its flagship product to BOMControl—in order to better differentiate the BOM and change management solution from Arena’s newest prototyping and supplier solutions (PartsList and PDXViewer.)

“The $49 a month pricing is designed to allow new businesses to get up and running quickly with minimal risk,” says Andrea Pitts, VP of sales and strategic alliances for Arena. “We believe the tools that help you get your product to market faster should be priced so they are an easily justifiable expense when you’re ramping to production. At $49 a month for three people, there is no longer any reason for small businesses and start-ups to waste time managing their important product data in error-prone spreadsheets.”

“With the launch of our two new products, Arena PartsList and Arena PDXViewer, we wanted to rename the core product to better reflect its place in the Arena ecosystem,” said Marc Escobosa, VP of marketing and design for Arena. “PartsList and PDXViewer support conceptual design and supply chain collaboration. But at the heart of our product offerings is BOMControl, a cloud solution that helps manufacturers get control of the BOM, and manage changes to important product data.”

The newly renamed BOMControl is available in three plans—Basic, Plus and Unlimited. BOMControl Basic is a “starter package” that gives manufacturers the ability to start with a low initial investment. For larger manufacturers, the Plus and Unlimited plans include more seats and the ability to integrate into other enterprise systems. All plans and pricing can be viewed on Arena’s website—which was redesigned this week to better highlight Arena’s multiple product options.

About BOMControl

BOMControl, a cloud-based solution for bills of materials (BOM) and change management, bridges the gap between design, engineering and manufacturing with a controlled, centralized way to manage changes to product data. With up-to-the-minute accurate product information that can be accessed anytime, and from anywhere in the world, BOMControl reduces scrap, speeds time to market and makes it easy to include strategic partners, suppliers and contract manufacturers in the product development process.

BOMControl comes in three plans: Basic, Plus and Unlimited. Each plan supports six feature sets designed to help a discrete manufacturer manage their production process:

  • Item Management
  • BOM Management
  • Change Management
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Project Management

BOMControl Basic is $49 a month for up to three people, BOMControl Plus starts at $79 per month per seat for up to 125 people and the Unlimited package is customized to fit the needs of large enterprises.

About PartsList and PDXViewer

When used together, PartsList and PDXViewer help manufacturers capture and share designs for less than $10 per month per user. PartsList and PDXViewer gives manufacturers more control over their prototyping projects and facilitate efficient design, documentation and sharing. PartsList helps manufacturers move quickly and efficiently while designing and documenting a prototype. PDXViewer displays PDX build packages in an easy-to-read, navigable format.

About Arena

For over a decade, Arena has been redefining PLM with a suite of cloud applications that enable engineering, manufacturing and their extended supply chains to work better together—from first prototype to full-scale production. Arena helps innovative manufacturers bring better products to market faster with cloud PLM offerings that speed prototyping, reduce scrap and help manufacturers collaborate on product changes with strategic partners across the globe. Arena cloud PLM products simplify bill of materials (BOM) and change management, and offer manufacturers the right balance of flexibility and control—at every point in the product lifecycle.

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