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Fall '13 Release

The release is now live. Here's what's new.

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When your MRP is in the hands of an outsourced Supplier, you may be losing visibility into material demands across your product lines. Arena PLM Demand is a new product that shows exact material needs across your entire product portfolio according to your manufacturing projections, ensuring you get the best price possible in Supplier negotiations.

Arena Demand

Know for sure. Every time.

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Send costs to Arena PLM from ERP. Send the product BOM from CAD. Or write your own apps to push and pull information programmatically. It’s up to you. Our new industry-standard Application Programming Interface lets you link your workspace to other systems.

Arena API

Connect your workspace

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Other Project Management systems live outside your product record. With Arena Projects, all your users have access to a shared, contextual schedule where assignments are linked directly to the part of the product record they affect, so everyone is connected to real-time product information. Even suppliers and development partners can participate.

Arena Projects

Track work where it lives.

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Improve communication with your suppliers—and your suppliers’ suppliers. Invite unlimited users to collaborate and communicate, reviewing and approving build packages from Arena PLM or other systems—all in the cloud. That’s the ECOs, Items, BOMs, AML, AVL and files needed to know what the supplier is quoting, building, or changing. Arena Exchange improves product quality, speeds time to market and reduces product cost.

Arena Exchange

Share and approve build packages up and down the Supply Chain.

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