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What is Arena Exchange?

Arena Exchange provides OEMs with a secure, flexible environment for collaboration with multiple users at all supplier levels throughout your global supply chain.

What does it do?

With Arena Exchange, participants can initiate review, comment, approve, or reject build packages. OEMs can easily monitor approval statuses and get up-to-the-minute updates on review activity. Supplier collaboration participants can also forward the build package to their suppliers for further collaboration and approvals. During this entire process, the OEM acts as the process owner and has complete visibility.

Value Proposition

With Arena Exchange, every member of your value chain is working from the same set of product designs and working towards the same goal: to bring high-quality products to market quickly for the best possible price. Use Arena Exchange to leverage specialized knowledge across your entire value chain throughout the product lifecycle. When your value chain wins, everyone wins.

Who Cares?


Engineers collaborate early and ad hoc to leverage their manufacturing expertise in their supply chain, thereby avoiding manufacturability related ECOs, related scheduling slips, excessive scrap, and rework costs.

Incorporate Supply Chain Exchange early in the design, prototype and pilot phases to improve the entire supply chain performance.

Purchasing/Supply Chain/Operations

Address issues that suppliers may face early in the release process. Fewer surprises results in faster time to market and improved margins.

Understand supply chain challenges to address them.

Quality Control

Exchange accurate, complete design information and feedback with all supply chain members. You can do this asynchronously or in a virtual quality review meeting.

Address quality and manufacturability issues early to avoid scrap, redesign, and rework costs.

And Almost Anyone Else

Speeding time to market and reducing quality issues improves the bottom line. Increase margins by being first to market with a quality product.

Collapsing time to market and reducing quality issues improves the bottom line. Be the “First Mover.”

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  • Flexible cloud-based virtual meeting and collaboration
  • Single build package-forwarding capabilities
  • Status approval monitoring and real-time review updates
  • Simple supplier signup
  • No user provisioning


  • Works with any PLM solution
    Deliver products to market more efficiently
  • Early supplier involvement lessens product defects
  • Clear communication to all supply chain participants of the latest release revisions ensures everyone is in sync and making exactly the right parts/assemblies for your product launch
  • Reduce costly errors that increase scrap and rework costs
  • Lower product cost by leveraging supply chain partners’ specialized knowledge
  • No administrative effort required to collaborate with supply chain. To start a collaboration session, simply invite a partner to collaborate

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What’s Unique?

Exchange enables supply chain team members to share and collaborate on the original product record with no user provisioning. Suppliers can review build package data, provide feedback through an integrated commenting stream, and approve/reject objects such as change orders.

The benefit of sharing change orders, BOMs, etc, results in a meaningful exchange of information that can lead to a virtual brainstorming session to improve a process or product. This accelerates approval processes and benefits the OEMs ability to ship products on time with fewer product errors.

With Arena Exchange, every member of your value chain is working from the same set of product designs. All are working towards the same goal: to bring high quality products to market quickly for the best possible price.


Arena Presented with Silver Stevie Award for "New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Project or Systems Management Solution"

The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit nominations. More than 3,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories. View press release.

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